Przejdź do treści




Inspired by nature and created in the picturesque surroundings of the Beskid Mountains, our toys gain a unique character. Coming straight from the forest, our toys make children naturally become part of this beautiful world, playing in harmony with nature. Recycling, care for the environment, the beauty of wood and colors - these values ​​accompany them throughout their lives.

Our toys stimulate the senses, are delicate to the touch, attract the eye with their natural colors and emanate the scent of the forest. The most fantastic buildings can be created from wooden blocks, and educational puzzles, puzzles and sorters refer to the Montessori philosophy of learning.

"Peace & Love" blocks are not only a toy, they are also an inspiration to live in harmony with values ​​such as love, friendship, conscious life and joy. The creative freedom they provide stimulates creativity and imagination.

To ensure the joy and happiness of this game, we only use wood from FSC certified suppliers. We made sure that our toys were made of the best, carefully selected wood, free from toxic substances, paints and varnishes. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy products.

The natural dyes we use to give color have ecological certificates, ensuring that the toys are completely free of harmful substances. To restore the wood's natural texture, we use vegetable oils that add smoothness and pleasure to the touch.

Our concern for the environment is also demonstrated by our packaging - nature-friendly canvas bags and cardboard boxes that can be reused or recycled.

However, what sets us apart is the prospect of passing these toys from generation to generation. We hope that your grandchildren will find their own stories in the "Wooden Story" toys, continuing the beautiful traditions you started by purchasing them for your children.

By choosing our products, you not only provide your children with unique fun, but also contribute to the good of the Forest, Water, Air and our Planet.

We invite you to inquire about FSC-certified products