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About us

Long, long ago, when nobody rushed through life and nature and wood were the most precious treasures, a story was born that lasted through three generations, becoming an immortal tale of love for nature and the creation of beauty. In the heart of the mountains, where the wind sang melodies from the peaks and the forests were alive with stories, Grandfather Borowy appeared.

Grandfather Borowy was a man whose soul was intertwined with branches, and dreams were carved from pieces of wood. His passion was the forests, nature, and trees, which were like beloved children to him. In every tree trunk, he saw the potential to create a magical story for children. It was his love for nature and the longing to create a wonderful world that led to the founding of Wooden Story in 1969.

Over the years, Grandfather Borowy created his masterpieces, carving wooden birds, woodland inhabitants, and even horses and wagons that harked back to a time when food was a bounty of nature. His hands were like a painter's brushes, and wood was his canvas, on which he created fairytale landscapes. It was his way of expressing passion, love, and respect for the forest and the roots that connected him to his ancestors.

Generation after generation passed on this magic. In every wooden creation, in every toy, the essence of this love was present. The Wooden Story Family Manufactory faced many challenges and changes, but it always remained true to its roots. Alongside difficulties came moments of joy, triumph, and above all, beauty.

Today, as the mountains still sing their wind-borne refrain and the forests continue to weave tales, the fourth generation of Borowys carries on Grandfather's legacy. They tread the same paths, carrying in their hearts the same love for wood and nature. And the fifth generation, represented by young Antosia, is like the first ray of sun over the rising forest. Her eyes filled with wonder are the best proof that the magic of wood thrives.

Wooden Story is not just a company; it's a living tale that spans generations. It's a story that reminds us that beauty resides in the simplicity of nature, that roots are our foundation, and that the love for what we create gives meaning to our journey. As long as trees continue to grow and the wind carries leaves, Wooden Story will continue its journey through time, preserving the magic of wood in stories of nature, passion, and our connection to the natural world.

Gosia and Wiesiek Borowy

* Borowy is male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild and forests. Also known as Leshy.