Montessori-Tablett niedrig und groß

103 PLN

The Montessori work tray allows children to independently explore and learn through practical activities. Various materials can be placed on the tray, such as blocks, puzzles, sand, flour, groats. Thanks to the tray, children develop the skills of order, precision and concentration.

Packed in a paperboard box, which is designed to be reused or easily recycled.

Free of harmful chemicals.
Product eco. Made in the Beskidy Mountains, Poland.

Maße (ohne Verpackung) /cm/: 37,3 L x 22,5 W x 3,2 H

Maße mit Verpackung /cm/: 43,2 L x 24,0 W x 3,7 H

Gewicht mit Verpackung /kg/: 0.40

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