Children are growing and we have decided to grow with them. To keep up and stay with them even once our toys become a mere ornament of their rooms or are passed on onto their younger brothers and sisters, we have decided to design furniture especially for them. Furniture to keep them company for many years to come.

As everything else in Wooden Story, our furniture is a creation of highlanders’ hands, caressed, polished, and safe for your child. The wood is protected with oils and wax.

Creating our furniture, we keep the environment close to heart using only FSC-certified wood.

Cardboard packaging, before it is recycled, will give your child hours of fun. The surfaces inside have been adorned with a view of Babia Góra waiting for your child to fill it with colours.

Your kid’s room can be furnished with our chairs, desks, tables, closets full of surprises, beds, benches, and shelves. True Wooden Story Land nourishing your child’s senses with beauty.