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Bed No.01

Bed No.01

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Wooden Story bed is a functional piece of furniture, adapted to suit the needs of both the child and parents alike. Why? Our bed accompanies you from the moment of birth, and it is you who decides when to give up on it. It grows along with your little one, guaranteeing comfort and safety. From the earliest days, your child is surrounded with a beautiful design and forest aromas. The bed is multifunctional. From a child’s bed it is easily transformed into a settee offering rest for tired backs and worn-out feet. The side parts may be removed entirely and then the bed becomes a chaise lounge. It is equipped with safety devices protecting your child during sleep, it can be folded and unfolded when you need more space. The mattress supports are made from 100% cotton from GOTS-certified plantations (Global Organic Technical Standards).

Infant bed: from 130 cm x 64cm
Older child bed: 168 cm x 64cm


  • Made of non-impregnated wood.
  • Made of wood that comes from FSC®certified suppliers.
  • Packed in a paperboard box, which are designed to be reused or easily recycled.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
    Product eco.
  • Made in the Beskidy Mountains, Poland.
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