Wooden needle XL

56 PLN

Wooden Montessori Stacking Toy. 

Grain to grain, bead to bead.

This carefully crafted and pleasant totouch wooden needle, when usedto thread blocks on a silky cotton string, will let you rediscover funwith the Stacking Toy XL. Threading blocks like beads your child trainstheir fine motor skills and practicesconcentration, which makes iteasier for them to hold crayons and prepares them to use a real needlein the future

This simple, ingenious toy starts up your creativity: could theseblocks be train wagons or might they bethe perfect design for a newnecklace specially for mom?

For the younger kids we have specifically prepared this toy in a largersize to make it easier for them to holdthe needle.In this set you’ll find a sturdy woodenneedle and a cotton stringfinished with a wooden ball.

Length of the needle 9 cm.

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• thiiaorganianeco-friendlproduct


Dimensions of the largest piece /cm/: 5 L x 3,5 W x 3,8 H

Dimensions of the smallest piece /cm/: 3,5 L x 3,5 W x 3,8 H

Dimensions (without packaging) /cm/: 30,7 L x 7,3 W x 18 H

Dimensions with packaging /cm/: 32,8 L x 8,3 W x 19,5 H

Weight /with packaging - kg/: 0,05

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